A comparison between the works of henry david thoreau and benjamin franklin

The cities import it at any price. For Morris that future vision of acquire but few the Middle Ages is both final and finally back. Indeed, as we have seen, the essay opens with an etymological explication of the word 'sauntering,' the task either of the medieval pilgrim as 'Sainte-Terrer' or of the vagrant who is 'sans terre.

Like Tennyson's Idylls of the King, published a few years 7 Tennyson before Morris's Defence, 7 Morris's volume of poems is distinguished by its rich published Idylls of series of medievalist romances.

But Thoreau and Adams are and estate satire, certainly not alone in doing so. The practical act of walking reaches its theoretical representative of height when Thoreau explains that, 'We go eastward to realize history and study Carlyle's writing, the works of art and literature, retracing the steps of the race; we go westward as 'a good specimen into the future, with a spirit of enterprise and adventure' Thoreau, b, The attempt to retrieve or re-conceive the Middle Ages in the nineteenth century also presented an unforeseen danger.

Although their attempts to describe it fit the time and society they lived in, each writer has only half of the formula for the American Dream.

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The precision with which Adams guides his reader's attention to the architec- tural details and the specific historical milieux in which they were produced - thus the historical layers they represent - is not to be found in Thoreau's essay 'Walking.

However, Thoreau does not envision the future of America as a future in which civilization overcomes wildness, instead he declares: I had perhaps dreamed of such a bridge, but never seen such an one out of an illuminated manuscript; for not even the Ponte Vecchio at Florence came anywhere near it.

Yet although Adams and Thoreau are both invested in similar activities of walking through the Middle Ages, they look to the Middle Ages in divergent and telling ways. The book proposed a minimal state on the grounds that it was an inevitable phenomenon which could arise without violating individual rights.

The Atlantic Monthly 10 It is recommended that you use a courier service that will provide you with a receipt so that you can track the status of your payment.

As the icon of medievalist nostalgia and revival through the Arts and Crafts movement, and also as an Englishman, he will function as the control to speak in scientific terms against which I shall compare the medievalisms of Thoreau and Adams. American Literary History 22 4: The principle defines " aggression " and "initiation of force" as violation of these rights.

In the First Treatise, Locke aimed his guns first and foremost at one of the doyens of 17th century English conservative philosophy: Thoreau's Atlantic Monthly essay is riddled with references to the Middle Ages - not just to pilgrims and in June a few substantial crusaders, but to knights errant and to Robin Hood, to confession and to changes were Chaucer - a vision of the Middle Ages which Thoreau reimagines as a nebulous made against past adorned richly with tokens of the future, a future that is nevertheless distinct Thoreau's wishes, from the medieval and now belongs specifically to America, the Sainte Terre.

The freedom of speech need not be written down if everyone said the same thing. As we will see, this is similar to Thoreau's principle of walking, too.

Thoreau as World Traveler. The diversity of liberalism can be gleaned from the numerous adjectives that liberal thinkers and movements have attached to the very term "liberalism", including classicalegalitarianeconomicsocialwelfare stateethicalhumanistdeontologicalperfectionistdemocratic and institutionalto name a few.

Because he is retrospective, and admits his personal failures and limitations, he shows that human limitations are always part of life. Shall it be that old Roman society, wholly pagan still in its origin and in its forms, stained by slavery and violence, condemned long since to perish for its crimes?

The disjuncture between these centuries makes completely inacces- sible the minds of those who built the church; the impossibility of growing 'prematurely young' reminds the tourist of his current position in history, which is always moving forward and always moving away from that twelfth-century past.

Morris, see Faulkner "His influence can be found in the works of Henry David Thoreau, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Henry James, and Robert Frost.". No doubt, Ralph Waldo Emerson was an astute and intellectual man who influenced American Literature and has rightly received the credit that he deserves from historians.

Abstract By reading and situating Henry David Thoreau's essay 'Walking' alongside Henry Adams's Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres and the work of William Morris, this article argues that Thoreau conceived of the Middle Ages not as a past to be recuperated and recovered (as by Morris) or as a past to be gazed upon from our modern perspective (as by Adams), but rather as a future to remain perpetually before.


Henry David Thoreau and Benjamin Franklin had many comparable beliefs. The men didn't follow the organized Christian religion of the time. Franklin believed in Deism; which humans believe that God created humans and the earth, but would not interfere with human progress within it.

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Franklin works to self-improve, etc.; Thoreau writes that man must discover his higher/spiritual self via disallowing the instinctive and material gains by which most people measure a man and his success.

And to Franklin, being a good, moral, useful and educated citizen is how to serve God. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages).

A comparison between the works of henry david thoreau and benjamin franklin
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