An analysis of the polar express

'The Art of The Polar Express' and 'The Art of The Incredibles' Reviews

This book in particular captures the magic of childhood with sensitivity and grace. It is a very foggy, misty night. If they offer small details or go off on unrelated tangents, model for them how readers decide what the most important parts of the story are when they are doing a retelling and making a timeline.

Once onboard the boy joined a group of children already there and they began to sing Christmas carols during the train ride. This book has become a Christmas classic and was made into a holiday movie that starred Tom Hanks and was nominated for an Oscar in under the category of motion-capture film.

For example, choose an object in the room to describe in a plain way "the ceiling is gray" and then using a comparison "the ceiling is as gray as rain clouds". Tell your students that one thing that helps readers make sense of the stories they read is to stop and retell what has happened so far, including only the important parts in their retelling.

What do you think Van Allsburg wants the bell to represent? How many children would be able to sustain over an hour of grey fuzziness and mere expectation of possibly meeting Santa? When you come back together, elicit the next points on the timeline from your students.

Q Was there a particular artistic inspiration for the artwork in The Polar Express? If you do not have an ongoing writing workshop in place in your classroom, you can give your students more structure before you send them off to write.

It doesn't have to be a real object. The Council has developed into an important forum for the discussion of common Arctic issues. You can organize them into partnerships for the context of this lesson even if they do not generally work this way.

Does the story give a skewed perception of American family life? Please do not read the blurb, as it tells you the ending, and that is one of the few perfect things about this book.

Using statistical analysis the software determined the most significant changes in the character's skin throughout the shot, and "baked" those deformations into the model so that they could effectively be used as blend shapes.

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Polar Express

This type of description provides a wonderful model for children who are working on writing fresh and unusual descriptions. One way that readers keep track of the important parts and how they fit together is to make a timeline.

One of the main characteristics of the software tools used to animate The Incredibles was the layering of two key stages in the animation process: I wanted to use the tertiary colors, the browns and the violets, to get the somber atmosphere I sensed in Friedrich's work.

How does this kind of descriptive language add to the story for you? You can organize them into partnerships for the context of this lesson even if they do not generally work this way. But the story is very thin. Christmas songs are sung and treats of Christmas delights and hot coco are consumed while they journey at great speeds northward.

The Polar Express

It helps make the world of the story real for us. Encourage them to try using a comparison or two in their own writing that day. During the trip to the North Pole, there are several complications and complications before the end of the journey comes.

His idealistic family life is reflected in television programming while growing up.

The Polar Express

He walks through these woods and sees a train standing still, just sitting in this kind of fog. In North Conway, New Hampshire, they reenact the ride itself with an old steam engine that makes a trip to a nearby ski lodge.In conclusion, from my analysis of the nostalgic scenes and Christmas scenes in The Polar Express, the use of the colors blue and red by the director enabled the viewers to experience the contrasting moods simultaneously throughout the film.


The Polar Express is another example of Van Allsburg’s ability to seamlessly blend the dream world with reality. The Polar Express describes a journey (both literal and symbolic) that brings about transformation for the characters and the reader as well, a consistant theme in Van Allsburg's work.

In The Polar Express, Van Allsburg has written a wonderful Christmas story of a little boy who is lying patiently, in bed, for Santa Claus to come, so that he may hear the sounds of "the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh." The sounds that some people forget to hear.

As he lays waiting, the little boy hears strange sounds of "squeaking metal" outside coming from a The Conductor also notes that on his first ride of the Polar Express, he was saved from falling off the train by someone.

China boards the polar express

In the DVD "extra song" the engineers tell the kids about Hobo, that he was sitting on the top of the train for free, and the train headed for Flatop. He then collided with the top of /request_the_hobo_in_the_polar_express. Mar 03,  · The Polar Express is a book of fiction with a Christmas theme.

The book was written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg in The author was awarded the Caldecott Medal for children’s literature in  · There is much symbolism in The Polar Express.

As a minor example, the fact that the pin that holds a lever together (in the engine room in the train)

An analysis of the polar express
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