Flexibility security nexus the concept of flexicurity

Flexicurity i Danmark og måske Frankrig?

Similar to other countries, the trend in Austria has been from job security to employment security. However, it should be also taken into consideration that the crucial preconditions for developing flexicurity and making it work are supportive, productive and well- established social dialogue, mutual trust and highly developed industrial relations European Expert Group on Flexicurity,p.

The new system thus eliminates some disincentives to mobility and prevents workers from losing their claims in cases of self-termination of the work contract.

The average tenure in Hong Kong dropped from 8. Labor productivity was especially low in NMS, where labor market flexibility and security were also at the low level.

The Flexibility-Security Nexus in Transitional Labour Markets: An empirical analysis

They have intermediate-to-high level of labor market flexibility they record the second lowest value of the total EPL index, low rigidity in regulation of temporary contracts the median value of index amounts 1.

Denmark has induced to reduce unemployment and has created dynamism and thereby made others turn heads. This is because the crux of the issue is not the amount of subsidies but a change in "game rules": For good overviews see, e.

On the marriage of flexibility and security: Lessons from the Hartz-reforms in Germany

Again, the most exposed to part-time employment relations are young people, especially young women Its spending on ALMP is comparatively high and generally increasing. Modellen i bilag I afsnit Flexicurity and labor productivity As it can be seen from a simple empirical analysis in previous section, countries that record high level of flexicurity, also attain the highest macroeconomic performance.

Requirements on employers were eased and employees having signed two or more fixed-term contracts with the same company, and having worked in the same post for more than 24 months within a period of 30 months, automatically acquire an open ended contract.

Again, no specific countries are mentioned to which this challenge would be most common but it seems to be characteristic of some continental Western European countries.

However, as the European Expert Group on Flexicurity claims even if a tradition of trust between governments and social partners is not developed, it is still possible to create the conditions for agreement by developing balanced policy 32 packages which are broad enough to serve various interests.

The importance of flexicurity for macroeconomic performance of the EU Member States is confirmed by linear regression estimates, which showed a positive relationship between indicators of security in the labor market and labor productivity. The level of flexicurity and its implementation were studied and measured, for example, by Auer and CazesSperberTangian a, a, bEuropean CommissionbEuropean Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working ConditionsMaselli General contact details of provider: On average and irrespectively the family type, net replacement rate in first year of unemployment is smaller for those with higher pre-unemployment wage, meaning that when moved to unemployment those with lowest pre-unemployment wage lose least financially.

Critics have said that flexicurity is really nothing more than a paraphrase of the traditional antagonism between capital and workers; employers demanding more flexibility and employees demanding more security as compensation cf. Upward mobility needs to be facilitated, as well as between unemployment or inactivity and work.

SMA, 1 57 Similarly, Tangian notes the table illustrates well the composite structure of flexicurity but at a closer look fails to describe empirical flexicurity trade-offs. In the early s, Danish policymakers established a fiscal policy aimed at breaking the unemployment trend of the time and was further coupled to the first active labour market policy ALMP of which sought to reduce structural unemployment.

It thus related to internal flexibility. In Denmark, an employment contract is seen as an individual economic agreement between an employer and an employee, which can be terminated at will from both sides.

In order to avoid this, 4 5 Table 2: Still, these flexicurity pathways should be pursued in a wider context of sound macro- and microeconomic policies and embedded in a wider framework of labor market regulation and employment rights European Expert Group on Flexicurity, A strong emphasis is not only placed on the quantitative but also on the qualitative dimension of job creation European Commission The group is characterized by a medium rigid system of labor market flexibility the median values of EPL indices are close to the average of the EU with low share of temporary and part-time employment.The volume, therefore, analyzes the flexibility-security nexus by focusing on the post-retirement phase, thus extending the conventional narrow concept of 'flexicurity'.

Labour Market Flexibility and Pension Reforms : Flexible Today, Secure Tomorrow?

The book also questions whetherreforms of public and private pension schemes compensate or aggravate the risks of increasingly flexible labor markets and atypical employment.

In European labour market policy debate the flexibility-security nexus has been on the agenda for the last decades.


For sure, one reason is that it captures one of the most conflictual The Concept of Job Quality Starting with the flexicurity-security nexus, it is related to mobility in the labour market. Usually, mobility can either be. The fundamental idea behind the concept of flexicurity is that flexibility and secu- Forms of flexicurity Both flexibility and security are multi-dimensional concepts, which come in a vari-ety of shapes.

Using Atkinson’s well-known model of the flexible enterprise as a – does unduly simplify the nexus. potential for adequately dealing with the flexibility-security nexus. Flexicurity: towards a definition of the concept Flexicurity is, indeed, a catchy term and therefore in need of further definition in order.

and security – stands on three pillars: flexibility in hiring and firing, security in means of social benefits and an active labour market policy.

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The general idea behind the concept of flexicurity is. Downloadable! This article is intended to serve as a basis for discussions and, as well, a stimulating critique on monitoring Transitional Labour Markets (TLM) in Europe. TLM arouse interest from many researchers across Europe and beyond trying to develop new policy directions based on a complementary relationship between flexibility and security with the aim of allowing people to move .

Flexibility security nexus the concept of flexicurity
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