Personal philosophy of classroom management

As Dreikurs argues, "Encouragement, refers to a positive acknowledgment response to focuses on student efforts of specific attributes or work completed Unlike praise, encouragement does not place judgment on student work or give information regarding its value or implications of student status.

Rather, discipline should come from a desire to teach students to self-assess and self-regulate their behavior.

Completing a philosophy of classroom management is not an easy task, but I found a way to simplify the process. Good instructions must be clear, and easy to follow. I want supplemental materials for students to have access to for studying, writing or researching.

How to Write Your Philosophy of Classroom Management and Classroom Management Plan

I put an array of posters on the walls to show an outline of the year ahead. No one is sitting behind the circle or on the sides of the room; the class enjoys the eye contact and facial expressions of everyone as they share ideas. This goes back to Rogers other point of being consistent with students on policies you really feel are important to enforce.

I want them to feel comfortable asking questions of me. I believe the set up of a classroom has a big effect on student learning and I hope that my classroom will be an environment that will engage my students in critical thinking, discussions and reflection. I am very interested in learning what the students are thinking about and making the learning environment as much to their liking as possible.

I have attached a course outline for my classroom see Attachment 4. The goals of my classroom management plan are to develop learner responsibility, to create a positive classroom environment, and to maximising time and opportunity for learning.

I will have a computer in which to keep grades and will have lesson plans, attendance sheets and miscellaneous paperwork organized there.

I want to focus on improvement and effort not just a final product. I believe in giving out nights a week of homework that enhances what we are discussing in class. If the tables are arranged as so, I can walk around, engage more students, and hopefully create an environment where students can talk and share ideas freely and comfortably.

However, there will be extreme situations which will require me to impose discipline but while that happens, I will teach self control and leave their dignity intact.

Is the teacher the leader, or do you think the students should have a say in what or how they learn? I would also like to give out assignments where the students can choose a medium to demonstrate their knowledge of a given subject or unit.

In these notebooks, students can show their creativity in designing a cover page for each unit as well as doing free-writes or reflections to the lessons and central questions right in the notebook.Similar to your philosophy of education, your classroom management philosophy is a statement of your personal beliefs, only this time it’s regarding your view on what the students’ role should be, as well as what the teacher’s role should be regarding classroom management.

Philosophy of Classroom Management An important role of the classroom teacher is classroom management. In my classroom, three things that will play an important role in my classroom management are: providing the students with a safe environment, having a reward/consequence system established, and building personal relationships with each of my students.

How to Write a Classroom Management Philosophy

Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management. 1) Consider your current view of classroom management.

How to Write Your Philosophy of Classroom Management and Classroom Management Plan

Write an annotated list of those points you currently believe, in bullet format. Include four to five points in each of these categories: a) How the teacher should act. Jul 09,  · My personal classroom management philosophy is based on a combination of theories and models.

Skinner’s positive reinforcement is effective to me in encouraging students’ good Nyla's Crafty Teaching. Personal Philosophy for Classroom Management Janice Rosales EDU November 18, Prof.

Nancy Bailey Classroom Management Plan Why? Having a classroom management plan is important because it is an effective way to improve student behavior and keep the class focused on the lessons.

Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management Classroom Management is an essential element in implementing a successful learning environment for students.

Personal philosophy of classroom management
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