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Worm reports that there is magic in the world p. I liked reading this mystery with touches of romance and tragic love threaded throughout. Find CD or audiocassette recordings of the songs mentioned in the novel to play for your classmates.

Not only does she make me see the things she sees, she makes me feel the things she feels. What do you like or dislike about the book's writing style?

Capture it in a poem. Exploring the Works of Author Rodman Philbrick: Share what you find with your classmates. His mother was the inspiration for Gwen. Consider some of the following areas when adapting a webquest: Some people think she based the character Dill on Truman Capote, a famous writer who was her childhood friend.

For instance, a little research will reveal the following about author Harper Lee: You might want to list the main points in your notes before you begin. Of course, there is the conflict between Worm and her stepfather and the conflict between Max and Worm and the bullies.

Freak the Mighty

In the first two sentences Max states, "I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while, and that's the truth, the whole truth. A book review, on the other hand, is much more personal. Think about whether the book is part of a genre.

With whom is Max angry when he realizes that Kevin is dead? Why is the scene with Kevin and the squirt gun funny? To Kill a Mockingbird is filled with interesting characters like Dill, and Scout makes them all seem just as real as the people in your own hometown.

Explore the meanings of the word "truth" as used by: At first he said "no," but on the ride back from Manhattan to Maine, the voice, story, and plot for Freak the Mighty unrolled in his head.

All summer they rescue fair maidens and slay dragons. From that day onwards an unbreakable friendship is formed and together the duo become Freak the Mighty on account of their sizes. But it drives me nuts that the narration is told in present tense.

Try to get the main theme of the book across in the beginning of your review. Use the checklist to evaluation webquests for ideas. You can use this checklist. Fill in the "gaps" as best as you can with details from the novel, what you know about problems on the earth, and your imagination.

OR think about how Max's father describes people in is the creation of Rod's pool-shootin' pals Dennis Robinson and Tim Dubuque. The site has an interview with the author, a report from Toronto as. Writing as Chris Jordan, Philbrick has published novels in the thriller genre: Taken,Trapped, and Torn, featuring former FBI special agent Randall Shane, who investigates the disappearance of missing children.

In Decemberwriting as Chris Jordan, Philbrick published Measure of Darkness, set in Boston.

Write a Book Review With Rodman Philbrick: A Writing With Writers Activity

According to the author, Randall Shane enters the story in the first chapter, when he is. Book Review Outline Book title and author: Freak Then Mighty by, Rodman Philbrick Title of review ‘Freak The Mighty’ Number of stars (1 to 5): 5 Introduction Freak the Mighty is about two children who are kind of freaks but find the good in each other and become best friends.

ARC review from Edelweiss Rodman Philbrick knows how to write to his readers. His characters are memorable and sweetly developed, but not too sophisticated for the middle grades audience. This book runs at a clip over an alluring premise: there's a creepy abandoned house, a disfigured caretaker, and a case of a missing diamond necklace/5.

WebQuests provide an authentic, technology-rich environment for problem solving, information processing, and collaboration. This inquiry-based approach to learning involves students in tasks that make good use of Internet-based resources. A literature-based WebQuest uses a book.

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Interview with Rodman Philbrick: Can you offer any advice for kids writing book reports? Learn how to write a book review in Writing with Writers: Write a Book Review with Rodman Philbrick.

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Rodman philbrick how to write a book review
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