The growth of literature during the victorian age

The Origin and History of Christian Socialism, Patmore's model was widely copied — by Charles Dickens, for example. The Historical Basis of Socialism in England. In the later period — the costs of Empire became increasingly apparent, and England was confronted with growing threats to its military and economic preeminence.

However, they need to be read with a certain scepticism. Other authors such as Anthony Hope and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote mainly for adults, but their adventure novels are now generally classified as for children.

Likewise, identifying the point where Victorianism gives way completely to Modernism is no easy task. Inhe was elected as the first president of Land Nationalisation Society, which devised a plan of State-owned and -leased lands.

Victorian Era Literature Characteristics

In Gladstone sponsored the Universities Tests Act that provided full access to degrees and fellowships. What one thinks of as feminism today had not yet taken form in the Victorian period. His In Memoriam shows off this simplicity and economy of verse, while remaining an effective and moving elegy for his deceased friend Arthur Hallam.

The movement roughly comprises the years from tothough there is ample disagreement regarding even this simple point. Conditions in the overwhelmed, sprawling cities degenerated as the infrastructure simply could not handle the influx of new workers.

Much of the writing during this time was a reaction to the rapidly changing notions of science, morality, and society. Landow Yet, the influence of the Romantic movement on Victorian writers is seen though the style in which they present these observations. His later novels never match this sharpness.

Victorian Era Economy

Victoria succeeded to the throne five years after the passage of the Reform Bill, which was the first major step in reducing property requirements for voting and holding office in Britain. Like everything else, poetry and poetics underwent an evolution during the nineteenth century.

Land reform was one of the hottest issues among British radicals and social reformers from the s until World War One. Eliot and Ezra Pound. The Fabian Society, also founded inwas not radical, but tried to permeate peacefully the existing institutions and Parliament in order to implement its socialist reforms.

Once a charter was obtained, there was little government regulation, as laissez-faire and private ownership had become accepted practices. Blasphemy laws meant that promoting atheism could be a crime and was vigorously prosecuted.The Victorian era marked the golden age of the British circus.

Astley's Amphitheatre in Lambeth, During the Victorian era, science grew into the discipline it is today. A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature. (). The Victorian Age, During the Victorian Age, England changed as much and as dramatically as it had in all of its previous history.

It was in the nineteenth century that England reached its height as a world imperial power. English literature - The post-Romantic and Victorian eras: Self-consciousness was the quality that John Stuart Mill identified, inas “the daemon of the men of genius of our time.” Introspection was inevitable in the literature of an immediately Post-Romantic period, and the age itself was as prone to self-analysis as were its individual authors.

The Victorian era was a period of dramatic change that brought England to its highest point of development as a world power. The rapid growth of London, from a population of 2 million when Victoria came to the throne to one of million by the time of Victoria's death, indicates the dramatic transition from a way of life based on the.

Victorian literature is literature, mainly written in English, during the reign of Queen Victoria (–) (the Victorian era).It was preceded by Romanticism and followed by the Edwardian era (–). While in the preceding Romantic period, poetry had been the dominant genre, it was the novel that was most important in the Victorian period.

The Victorian Age () Sambourne House, London. q Victoria became queen at the age of 18; she was q During this time Britain changed dramatically. Franz Xavier Winterhalter, The young Queen Victoria, The Victorian Age.

The growth of literature during the victorian age
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