The use of excessive force by police officers essay

Police brutality

The community and the police are inter-related and one may not function well without the other Adams 3. Furthermore, it was later discovered that accused were only allowed to contact someone and be assisted by a lawyer when brought before a judge and a number of detainees were denied access to a doctor whilst in police custody even though they displayed visible injuries.

French officials have forced these aggressive videos to be destroyed, as they demonstrated the unnecessary forced nature of individuals in Frances police department.

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Race Relations in the U. Neck restraint immobilization techniques These involve carrying out chock hold and vascular restraint maneuvers Berg A group of offices named themselves "S.

The leadership Conference, 13 Feb. The constitutional right to be free from excessive force is found in the reasonable search and seizure requirement of the Fourth Amendment and the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment in the Eighth Amendment.

This situation is likely to happen in case of riots or demonstrations Berg Allegations of excessive use of force and ill-treatment of protestors in Miami This sort of incidences happens as the demonstrators are viewed as 'enemies of the state' by the detaining officers who pride themselves on their loyalty to the state.

He was told to put his hands up around his head and asked to stay inside the car. People say that crime has steadily decreased due to the police officers. This can take forms in many ways. Get Legal Help Excessive force and police brutality victims and their families are often left in shock after an incident, especially where a serious investigation is not performed.

This article also included a brief history of police brutality has been included to show how far back police brutality has been going on.

Michael Brown and Eric Garner: The police, use of force and race

With these heartbreaking events, questions start to rise. Far more whites think the use of deadly force was justified in the Brown case 43 percent than in the Garner case 14 percent. During this time, a clear imbalance existed between police actions and the rights of citizens.

While a slim majority 52 percent of blacks say their local police officers make them feel mostly safe, 43 percent say local police make them feel mostly anxious - compared to just 18 percent of whites who feel that way.

These minority officers are making the streets dangerous for the officers who are doing their jobs properly.How police officers can avoid claims of excessive force.

What Is Police Brutality?

All too often, use of force is evaluated by those who lack the necessary education and experience to make a fair assessment. Police Use of Force Mount Olive College: CRJ Heather Clayton July 31, Abstract Police use of force is a tool that is taught to every Officer to help diffuses a situation, it is not meant to do harm, but to ensure the safety of the Officer and the people that are involved in the situation.

Excessive Force - Police Brutaity

Use of Excessive Force by Police Use of Excessive Force by Police Police officers are given a significant amount of discretion simply due to the nature of the job. Officers are faced with many threatening situations forcing them to react quickly, yet appropriately.

Essay on The Social Dynamics of the Police Use of Force Words | 7 Pages. problem surrounding the police use of force. In Graham vs. Conner, for example, the courts established the four-factor test to evaluate police use of excessive force but left other, underlying social and moral dilemmas untouched.

Police Use of Excessive Force in Minority Communities: A Test of the Minority Threat, Place, and Community Accountability Hypotheses Brad W.

Smith, Wayne State University Malcolm D.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Power and Authority in Law Enforcement Essay

Holmes, University of Wyoming We extend existing research on police use of coercive mechanisms of social control against racial/ethnic minority. Any excessive use of force by a police officer is unlawful and an officer could thus be prosecuted under criminal law.

Findings and statistics. Since /05, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have published complaint statistics reports for England and Wales.

The use of excessive force by police officers essay
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