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It is little differ from Indochinese tiger. It is a carnivorous mammal. Students can use any of these tiger essay according to their need and requirement in the schools. The child of a tiger is called as cub and the female tiger is called as Tigress.

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Tiger is a strong animal. There are six living subspecies of tigers found such as Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Indo-Chinese tiger, and South-Chinese tiger and three have been recently extinct such as Javan tiger, Caspian tiger, and Bali tiger.

Most of the tigers have yellow eyes just like the cat, but white tigers have blue eyes. It is found in moist open grassy fields mixed with marshy lands.

George Schaller observed a male share a kill with two females and four cubs.

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Bengal Tigers can be 7 to 10 feet long and to lbs weight. The number of wild animals is gradually diminishing as our forests are diminishing.

It has black strips on its body. Generally tiger hunts for large or middle sized animals such as buffaloes, deer, crocodiles, leopards, pythons, etc. Inresearchers estimated 4, tigers in the wild, but in the number of these tigers was dropped to And when, it cannot find any kind of food at all then it eats any kind of flesh available.

Tiger Essay

It lives in wet, humid and hot forests as well as in ice cold forest. It lives in a dense forest however sometimes comes to the villages and other residential places in the search of food or deforestation.

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Each and every tiger has different black stripes on their body. It is found in plain and hilly forest generally up to 1 m elevation but may be up to m as seen in Burma.

Several such incidents have been observed in which the subordinate tiger yielded defeat by rolling onto its back and showing its belly in a submissive posture. It belongs to the family of cats. It can be said a social animal because It hunts in night and sleeps in day. Tiger killing has been prohibited all through the country from the time when the number of tigers was decreasing very fast.

Tiger is found mainly in two colours, first is brown or yellowish with black strips on whole body and second is white with black strips. Smuggling of the skin, teeth and bones of tiger promoting people to kill tigers and earn lots of money in illegal way. It looks very beautiful and belongs to the cat family.

In hilly areas, it is found below m height. It also likes agricultural crops and so comes out in such fields.About Us What is palmolive2day.com? palmolive2day.com features fun updates, interviews, articles and reviews about popular celebrities, marathi life and culture aspects and also features an active forum for chatting with fellow Marathi speakers.

Essay # 1. Lion (Panthera Leo Persica): It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life. Though, it has characteristic of territorialism but less than the tiger.

This article is an “Essay on Tiger“ The tiger is a mammal and one of the largest carnivore animal, that is, it feeds only on other small animals.

It is a part of the cat family. Tiger Essay 6 ( words) Tiger is a very violent wild animal. It has been declared by the Indian government as the national animal of India. It is considered as the strongest, powerful and most beautiful animal on this planet. Feed an elephant, interact with baby tiger cubs, watch an eagle soar, monkey around with great apes, and meet Hercules the Liger, the world’s biggest cat!

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Apr 19,  · 'Wild Animal' is a term that refers to animals that are not normally domesticated. Wild animals generally live in forests. The major wild animals of India are elephant, tiger, lion, rhino, bear etc. Wild animals are a living resource that will die and be replaced by others of their palmolive2day.com: All Essay.

Wild animal tiger essay
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